We are constantly looking for qualified colleagues to work on our ongoing and upcoming projects. We place an emphasis on experience, expertise and multi-language skills (English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portugese). If you're interesed in working with us here in Germany or abroad, please send your application by post or by email.

Additionally, we are always offering secondary employment, internships, and thesis topics for students in Germany and the CIS countries. For more information, please send your descriptive application by post or by email.

Current Job Offerings

Civil Engineer

We are looking for

  • Experience planning infrastructure (motorway and road)
  • CARD/1- and Autocad skills,
  • Willingness to work in Germany and abroad
  • English and Russian language skills (desired)

Headquarters Dresden.

IT Technician

We are alooking for:

  • Experience and expertise with networks and hardware, as well as Windows Server and Exchange
  • Expertise in Linux administration (desired)
  • Russian language abilities (desired)

Headquarters Dresden.

Software Developer

We are looking for

  • Experience in at least one higher, object-oriented language (C++, C#, etc.)
  • Experience with the graphic APIs OpenGL and/or DirectX as well as programming 3D modellings
  • Experience in application development in Windows with Visual Studio (.Net/WPF desired)
  • General education and an underestanding of the fundamentals of IT systems
  • English language skills

We would like to find

  • Experience administering databanks (PostGreSQL, Oracle),
  • Experience using and administrating Linux systems
  • Experience administrating Windows Server and desktop systems
  • Experience and expertise with script languages (Perl, Python, Bash, etc.),
  • Experience programming with DELPHI
  • Russian language skills

Headquarters Dresden.