Our software development and our research team are comprised of specialists with years of experience. Alongside competent software architects and software developers, there are also mathematicians and engineers in the team. This enables the team to develop theoretically sound solutions and to evaluate them from the very beginning with an eye towards real-world scenarios. Here, we focus not only on the implementation of the most modern development tools, but also on the best in project management, software design, deployment and quality assurance.

Our emphasis is on software solutions for the performance of engineering tasks, while maintaining the goal of maximum automatization without sacrificing precision or comprehensive data management. For this reason, we are researching and producing solutions for the management and processing of very large amounts of data in the field of 3D-based infrastructure planning.

In addition to classical road, rail and powerline design, our projects are also focused on traffic planning and optimization according to multifaceted criteria, as well as new approaches to road and rail plans which can be validated.

Our services include:

  • KorFin, 3D planning software for road, rail, and powerlines in a 3D, interactive design with high levels of automatization and planning security.
  • 3D Presentation of complex existing models or of planning models, comprised of very large amounts of data with a high degree of detail (BIM-enabled implementation).
  • 3D/4D Modeling of noise data as well as the spread of contaminants and cold air.
  • 3D Visibility calculation for roads (sight line and sight cone methods)
  • 3D Signal visibility calculation on the basis of exact planning geometry (reverse sight cone method)
  • 3D Calculation of wind drifts and access roads for exactly modeled overhead powerlines.
  • 2D/3D Calculation of scattering curves on the basis of light intensity measurements from a goniometer and demonstration of optical signal visibility.
  • 3D Calculation, presentation and analysis of comprehensive geological drilling data and substrate layers.
  • Our own geoinformation system for the comprehensive management and utilization of various geodata in diverse coordinate systems.
  • Calculation of tractrix and envelope curves
  • Translation memory system for a quality-assured and automated translation
  • System integrated CARD/1 software module (visibility, transverse gradient generator, evolutionary gradient approximation, track geometry and surface optimization, driving simulation for road and rail, various driving simulation expansions, 3D presentation)

Selected research projects:

  • Research in the field of 3D infrastructure design and the 3D presentation of large amounts of geoinformation, optimization and interface with geoinformation, in cooperation with Prof. Walter from the TU Dresden and Dr. Spannaus from the German Railway (DB)
  • Spatial construction lines from classical design elements for a genuine, interactive and practically useable spatial design of roads and rail lines in virtual 3D environments; commissioned by the Sächsiche Aufbaubank
  • Research into the recognizeability of signal lights, evaluation of the selectivity of the periphery zones of the recognizability curve, contract research for DB Systemtechnik
  • SaferBrain, Innovative Guide and Tools for Vulnerable Road Users Safety in India and Brazil, together with the University of Rome Italy, Loughborough University UK, Master Plan BV Netherlands, IMR Brazil, Balancia Netherlands, Mobycon Netherlands, SUNCON Ovt. Ltd. India, Foundation of Support to University of Sao Paulo Brazil, Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd. India, I&D Consulting Belgium, I.T. Ingegneria dei Trasporti srl Italy; sponsored by the European Union
  • FS GazeTrack and common VR Eye-tracking laboratory together with Prof. Velichkovsky of the TU Dresden and Dr. Spannaus from the German Railway (DB); sponsored by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie
  • 3DEye (Dresdner Sehschule), "Spielen statt Schielen" ('Playing instead of squinting') together with Prof. Velichkovsky from the TU Dresden and Prof. Pillunat from the University Hospital; financed by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie

Selected Projects:

  • KorFin Builder
  • KorFin
  • SignalFinder
  • Translator TMS
  • CARD/1 Visibility Distance Calculation
  • CARD/1 Gradient Approximation
  • CARD/1 Coverage Optimization
  • CARD/1 Side Slope Generator
  • CARD/1 Spatial Presentation
  • LMBV Modelbuilder/ProjectView