A+S Consult GmbH is a mid-sized company with more than 80 employees. We are active both throughout Germany and internationally. Headquartered in Dresden, we also maintain a southern office in Elchingen/Ulm (Bavaria). Additionally, large projects are handled on-site by offices in Kiew, Tbilisi, Baku, Almaty and Saõ Paulo.

We are committed to developing innovative approaches and technologies, as well as the application of these approaches and technologies to projects in the areas of surveying, traffic and powerline infrastructure as well as industrial plant engineering. A focal point for our efforts is the development of 3D oriented planning tools for internationally leading German systems producers, as well as our own 3D applications. A+S software has been used in industrial applications and research for more than fifteen years. A+S Consult GmbH is an active partner for building authorities, construction companies, large industrial companies and private engineering offices, providing specific development, planning and consultation services.

Our products and services are used in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, with Germany, post-Soviet states, China, Brazil and India especially well-represented. In interactions with our customers, we align our communication internationally on structural, cultural and international basis. Our internal localization department is constantly in action, localizing the software products for individual markets.

Since our founding in 1998, A+S has developed with continuously growing revenue, investments and personnel.

We invite you to learn more on our website or contact us directly.