Celebratory Colloquium Bauhaus-University Weimar

A colloquium in celebration of the 70th birthday of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Brannolte took place at the Bauhaus University on the first of June, 2017.

The invited speakers ranged from cooperative work with Ulrich Brannolte to the current trends in civil engineering and traffic planning. In accordance with his long career, the focus began with the beginnings of traffic modelling, over ITS, up to modern research results and practical applications in the fields of traffic management, safety, and telematics.

The presentations from Prof. Busch of the Technical University of Munich (Connected Mobility) and from Raimo Harder of the Bauhaus University of Weimar -- "Serious Games -- From game theory to new planning approaches" -- received particular interest.

A+S shares a years-long cooperation with Ulrich Brannolte in the fields or research and development, as well as Know-How-Transfer in Germany and abroad. We wish Ulrich Brannolte many more fulfilled years enjoyed in good health and continued vitality and zest for life, both in his private and professional life.

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