International transportation conference in Kyiv

The international transportation conference "Transportation Development. Challenges. Innovations. Opportunities." took place in Kyiv on the 28th of April. The conference was organized by A+S with the support of the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the city administration of Kyiv, and the Kyiv oblast administration. Among the numerous visitors, were legal representatives of administrations, as well as leading engineering offices and institutions of higher education.

The goal of the conference was to define the most important challenges of transportation development, as well as to present new approaches for the solution of transportation problems at the national and regional levels. The focus of the event was on the practical application of innovative transportation solutions. Here, A + S has been contributing to the KnowHow transfer of German technologies to the Ukraine for more than 10 years.

The presentation from Dr. Veit Appelt (managing director of A+S) about using the national traffic model of the Ukraine was received with great interest. It emphasized the importance of traffic models for the efficient and profitable usage of the transit potential of the country.

During the workshops on the topics of the Kiev traffic model and BigData, the conference participants had lively conversations.

In conclusion, the participants of the conference signed a memorandum on the development perspectives of transport planning in the Ukraine.

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