Support for the introduction of BIM in road construction

A+S supports the Free State of Saxony and the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with the introduction of BIM in road construction. The BIM consulting and BIM management each comprise a BIM pilot project consisting of the specialist models, existing model (DTM, GIS, vegetation, buildings, subsoil, accident data), traffic facilities, engineering structures, landscape management plan, etc. The BIM pilot projects are BAB 14 Nossen-Magdeburg new replacement construction BW 19Ü1 (State office for road construction and traffic, since 2018) and B 110 - Dargun detour (Road construction authority of Schwerin, since 2019).

In the first stage, A+S assists as a BIM consultant and in the preparation and tendering services for the BIM pilot projects with the service content of general consulting, training and definition of terms for the BIM workflow, BIM quality assurance (technical and specialist), preparation of the customer information requirements, the preliminary BIM handling plan and all related facilities.

In the second stage, A+S acts as the commissioned BIM manager for the client with service contents such as participation and follow-up in regular coordination meetings with the client, commissioned overall coordinator, planners as well as the creation of a validation model on KorFin® technology and the execution of quality tests and comparison IFC/ KorFin®.

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