Future Forum Digital Rail

(Bildquelle: BM Dobrindt auf dem „Zukunftsforum Schiene Digital“ von BMVI unter CC BY-ND)

On the 22nd of June, 2016, the "Future Forum Digital Rail" took place in Berlin. The central topic was the digitalization and networking of the rails, as well as BIM planning. These are the most important requirements for rail 4.0.

The German Railway, the federal government and the German Rail Industry Association (VDB) have agreed on a common strategy, which advances the digitalization of railways in Germany.

In the framework of the future forum, federal minister Alexander Dobrindt, Dr. Rüdiger Grube (chairman of the German Rail AG) and Volker Schenk (president of the German Rail Industry Association) signed a 5-point "Digital rail strategy."

An important item on strategy's agenda is free Wi-Fi access in second class. Moreover, legal representatives of the German Railway and the VDB showed best practices for the digitalization of rail.

Digital planning and construction will be the standard for all public infrastructure projects by 2020. With its own BIM planning, A+S is one of the pioneers in the fields of railways and roads.

If you have any questions about our BIM system, our team is happy to help you!

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