Our software development and our research team are comprised of specialists with years of experience. In addition to competent software architects and developers, the team includes also mathematicians and engineers, in order to ensure our solutions have a sound theoretical basis as well as to evaluate solutions from a practical standpoint from the very beginning. Not only when selecting tools do we put emphasis on the utilization of the most modern technologies, but also in the design and deployment of the software as well as in quality assurance.

Our focus is on using software to implement engineering tasks with the goal of maximizing automation while enabling exact and comprehensive data processing. For this reason, we are researching and creating solutions for processing very large data volumes with maximum accuracy, particularly in the field of 5D-based infrastructure planning.

In addition to the pure design of roads, railway and power lines, our projects are concerned with traffic planning and optimization according to complex criteria with new approaches to verifiably planning roads and railway lines according to BIM.

Our services include:

  • The 5D platform KorFin for road rail, overhead and underground power lines in a dynamic and highly parametric overall BIM model
  • Parametric modeling of complex as-built and planning models for infrastructure, on the basis of large amounts of data with high levels of detail
  • Modelling the propagation of pollutants and cold air
  • Noise immission analysis for road and rail within the overall model#
  • Visibility calculations for roads within the overall model using the sight cone method
  • Signal visibility calculation within the overall model on the basis of exact planning geometries using the reverse sight cone method
  • Calculation of wind drift in catenaries within the overall model in precisely modeled overhead line systems
  • Calculation of scattering curves and viewing range elements on the basis of pure luminous intensity measurements from a goniometer and proof of signal visibility
  • Calculation, representation and analysis of extensive geological drilling data and subsoil layers