We are looking for qualified new employees for ongoing and upcoming projects.

At the moment, we are looking for:

  1. IT specialists, mathematicians, or physicists for our software development department. Interdisciplinary experts and career changers are also welcome.
  2. GIS specialists, geographers, environmental and noise specialists with an affinity for IT.
  3. Specialists for transport and energy infrastructure planning, especially those with interest in 5D planning/BIM.
  4. Career changers who can support our engineers, planners, and developers in programs such as Corel Draw, InDesign, drawing and 3D utilities and who enjoy working at a PC.
  5. Employee for the accounting department and to support general office organization in the secretary's office.

If you are interested in employment in Germany or abroad, please send you application documents by post or e-mail.

Multilingual ability/knowledge of English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish are always and advantage.

Please note: We offer constant opportunities for students in sideline jobs, internships and diploma theses in the areas of GIS, infrastructure, business administration/project organization. Please send your application documents by post or e-mail.