Since its founding in 1998, A+S Consult GmbH has been active internationally and has many years of experience in the fields of software development, localization and software distribution.

A+S Consult successfully develops and sells its own 5D coordination platform KorFin® in Germany and internationally. Since 2002, KorFin® has been used in the planning and coordination of projects of all sizes. Together with customers and partners who use KorFin in the entire planning process and in the practical coordination of infrastructure projects, KorFin has been constantly further developed and adapted to the needs of the market. With its innovative software solution, A+S Consult plays a decisive role in the introduction of BIM planning processes in Germany.

The 5D coordination platform KorFin® is A+S Consult's innovative BIM software solution for various infrastructure areas.

KorFin® enables the 5D real-time design of road, rail, powerline and cable infrastructure in an innovative overall solution, which supports the coordination of various specialist planning in all phases of work. The modular structure of the coordination platform provides all project participants with basic design, planning, modelling and visualization functions in real time. Thus KorFin® guarantees a high level of quality and cost security from the early project phases to construction supervision.



A+S is fortunate to have a successful, long-standing partnership with IB&T in the areas of software development, localization and software sales. We work closely with institutions, universities and cooperation partners to ensure the best possible service for our customers and partners. With A+S Consult they have a competent partner for the Baltic States, Georgia, CIS states and Ukraine, who meets the highest customer demands with many years of experience and specially trained, multilingual employees.