For more than ten years, we've been active in the field of railway systems, with an emphasis on signal visibility simulation and visualization. On the basis of exact geometrical models, we can numerically calculate signal visibility in three dimensions without a reduction in exactness. Survey or GIS data (DTM), vegetation, and environmental data, as well as control and signaling and overhead contact line plans, can be incorporated in these 3D models without any size limit. These 3D models can then be displayed with an independent viewer. The advantages of these calculations are in their efficience and, above all, in the planning and the assurance of acceptance.

Additionally, we offer complex drainage plans for rail systems as well as route analysis and optimization with the aid of our KorFin software.

Our services include:

  • Complete planning data management for major construction projects
  • 3D-based signal visibility simulation for railway, subway and tram
  • Route analysis and optimization
  • Drainage planning
  • Implementation/Presentation of major projects with support for BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Creation of visualizations and presentation material
  • Advisory reports and consultation with principals


Expansion 46/2 Emmerich - Oberhausen - Geometric and signal visibility simulation

City-Tunnel and Main Station in Leipzig

City-Tunnel and main station in Leipzig

Train station 'Badisher Bahnhof' in Basel

Train station 'Badisher Bahnhof' in Basel