For more than fifteen years, we've been active in the field of railway systems. Here, our emphasis is the production of parametric complete models for as-built infrastructure and planning, as well as for possible BIM applications. These 5D models contain the DTM with surveying, environmental and other GIS data, a complete DOM including vegetation, structures, routes and track data as well as CCS and OCS plans as well as other specifics such as construction substrate and supply pipelines. There are no size restrictions on the complete model.

On the basis of these exact, geometric Models, signal visibility is numerically calculated without any loss of accuracy. A 5D viewer, KorFin® View, is available which makes the BIM complete model and results available to all concerned parties. The advantages of our BIM workflow are in its economic efficiency and its planning and approval reliability.

Additionally, we offer complex drainage plans for rail systems as well as route analysis and optimization within our BIM complete model.

Our services include:

  • Complete planning data management for major construction projects with BIM
  • 3D-based signal visibility simulation for railway, subway and tram
  • 5D-Route analysis and optimization
  • 3D, 4D and 5D BIM applications including appraisals within the BIM complete model
  • Drainage planning
  • Implementation/presentation/visualization of major projects
  • Consultation with principals


Expansion 46/2 Emmerich - Oberhausen

Halle Railway Junction

Halle railway junction

Train station 'Badisher Bahnhof' in Basel

Train station 'Badisher Bahnhof' in Basel

Surface Rail Salzburg with Salzburg Main Station

Surface rail Salzburg with Salzburg main station

City-Tunnel and Main Station in Leipzig

City-Tunnel and main station in Leipzig

Rail Connection for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI)

Rail connection for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI)

Dresden Railway Junction

Dresden railway junction