Autotunnel und Stadt bei Nacht


Our complex spectrum of services for road systems stretches across all planning phases. We provide service to projects that range from motorways to secondary roads and city streets as well as engineering constructions and drainage.

In addition to conventional, standard services, we place emphasis on BIM-planning. In particular, the various software solutions we have developed enable planning measures to be visualized quickly with a contemporary look and feel. Our software KorFin is an outstanding innovation, allowing traffic and technical feasibility studies and the pre-planning of streets in three dimensions in a very short time at the highest level of quality.

The visualization of traffic systems and the creation of general presentation material has been a primary focus of ours since we were founded.

We would be happy to offer our services to you for the management of complex major projects or, with our long-standing, competent partners, comprehensive project planning. These include:

  • Aerial surveying, conventional and 3D surveying
  • Traffic planning and traffic engineering studies
  • Investigation and survey of building sites, geotechnical reports, 3D - Substrate / Open mine models
  • The integration of construction plans
  • Landscape and environmental planning
  • Implementation/Presentation of major projects with support for BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Visualisation of the results from noise, contamination and bio-climatic reports


A 59, Cologne - Bonn

6-lane expansion from the junction airport to junction Lind
Overall modeling

A 14, Leipzig - Dresden

Draingage concept

A 5, Rheintal motorway

New construction of resting place March
Overall modeling

A 98 Neubau Hochrheinautobahn

A 98, Hochrhein motorway

Object planning and overall modeling

A 281 Bremen – Neubau der Autobahneckverbindung Bremen

A 281/B 6n, Bremen

New construction of the motorway corner connection Bremen
Object planning and overall modeling

A 72 Chemnitz-Leipzig, 2. und 5. Abschnitt

A 72, Hof - Chemnitz

Draingage concept

B 508/B 62, Kreuztal - Erndtebrück

Object planning and overall modeling

B 54/B 62n, Hüttentalstraße Siegen

Object planning and overall modeling

A 281 Bremen – Neubau der Autobahneckverbindung Bremen

B 175, Choren - Döbeln

Object planning for service phases 1-6

A 281 Bremen – Neubau der Autobahneckverbindung Bremen

B 176, Dachwig - Döllstedt and L 1027, bypass Döllstedt

Object planning for the service phases 1 - 6