Our office in Berlin focuses on IT related work and services in the field of planning and approval of electricity-transmitting infrastructure projects as well as on the research and development of 3D software with an emphasis on the environment and infrastructure.

Consultation and IT related services:

  • Planning services such as, e.g. spatial resistance analyses for above-ground and underground electricity transmitting infrastructure projects
  • Consultation services and concept creation for spatial and environmental studies
  • Visualization services for environmental and energy topics
  • Geodata management and GIS tasks

Research, cooperation on software solutions and the creation of interfaces:

  • Cooperation on research projects for 3D planning as well as pilot projects for customers for visualization
  • 3D planning services for noise calculation for energy infrastructure
  • Development of modelling approaches for established 3D software and associated tools for the appraisals mentioned above and, e.g. for the visualization of noise calculations for powerlines
  • Development of concepts for the evaluation of complex environmental and spatial analyses with the assistance of artificial intelligence on the basis of existing approaches for rail and road


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