3rd iaf Congress on Rail Infrastructure Works (BahnBau)

Experts and representatives of international companies met on the 22nd and 23rd of May at the 3rd iaf Cogress on Rail Infrastructure (BahnBau) to discuss topics relating to railway infrastructure. In addition to the traditional lectures on the planning and construction of railway infrastructure, the focus on the second day of the congress was on research, innovation, and knowledge transfer. In addition to the lectures and discussions, the Messe and Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland once again hosted an exhibition of the industry accompanying the congress as well as technical demonstrations on the track and in the outdoor areas. Together with Dr. Domke, DB Netz AG A+S Managing Director Dr. Appelt gave a lecture on "line determination for a new line."

The iaf Congress provides the rail transport technology sector with an important forum for discussions and solutions. After all, topics such as the increase in the flow of goods, environmental policy guidelines, international transport, route utilization and capacity bottlenecks will challenge rail experts in the coming years. For that reason, every four years the congress is dedicated to an important topic in the field of railway infrastructure.

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