A+S at the rail junction in Leipzig

The City-Tunnel and Leipzig junction project has been successfully accompanied by A+S, including the renovation of the apron area of one of the largest terminus train stations in Europe, as well as in the planning and implementation by project engineers for signal technology and overhead contact lines.

At the moment, the 10.0 stage of construction could be achieved and accepted in the first construction stage. In the process, the new platforms 12, 13, and 14, considerably lengthened outside the station hall were commissioned and a new rail connection to the 6363 line (to and from Dresden) could be opened in the newly created railyard in the train station apron area.

Taken together, the construction measures served to create the infrastructure necessary for the integration of the German Unity Transport Project 8 (new and upgraded lines Munich - Nuremberg - Halle/Leipzig - Berlin) to the rail junction in Leipzig.

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