Expansion and new construction route Hanau-Würzburg/Fulda

The route between Hanau and Fulda is one of the most important, but also one of the most traveled rail routes in Germany. With the project expansion/new construction route Hanau-Würzburg/Fulda, the existing bottleneck should be resolved, capacities should be increased and the travel times should be shortened.

The routing is divided into two sections. In the first section between Hanau and Gelnhausen, the route location is already defined next to the existing route. The situation is different in the second section between Gelnhausen, Fulda and Würzburg. The location of the new track is to be determined within an area of search, which is located in the northeast of Gelnhausen between the Kinzigtal and Fliedetal valleys and the existing high-speed railway line Würzburg-Fulda.

The goal is to establish a spatially compatible line routing in this area of search. In the process, KorFin is being utilized as the central design tool during corridor and line finding, with its integrated ability to analyze GIS data. The transparent process of the integrated 5D design also supports the early public participation, with which the German railway is accompanying the project. It is important to keep the public continuously up to date on the current planning state and to maintain constant communication with the affected people in the region. In this manner, hints and suggestions can flow into the planning in the early stages.

Using KorFin as the central GIS and planning basis, a large number of variants are examined and optimized according to all available fundamental data. The selected variants are prepared for further planning. In this case, A+S is working closely together with Fröhlich & Sporbeck (spatial planning and environmental acceptability) and Krebs & Kiefer (support for the detailed geometric examinations and engineering structures) in a team. In the current project phase, KorFin has once again proven itself cutting-edge technology.

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