BAB 6 Highway junction Weinsberg

A+S is developing the expansion planning for the highway junction Weinsberg (A5/A6) up to the state border of Bavaria as a 3D model, on behalf of the Road Administration of Baden-Württemberg.

The highway junction Weinsberg is a highway junction in Baden-Württemberg near Heilbronn. Here, the highway A6 (Saarbrücken - Mannheim - Nuremberg) intersects with the highway A81 (Würzburg - Stuttgart - Singen). The Franken region has experienced rapid development along the A6 in the last decades. The current cross section, with only two driving lanes plus hard shoulder, can no longer absorb the high volume of traffic this has produced. As a consequence of this, frequent traffic jams can be observed. Also, the noise pollution has increased in recent years to a multiple of its former levels. For these reasons, the Federal Main Highway Expansion Act intends an expansion to a 6 lane cross section with hard shoulder.

Adjacent communities and affected citizens were involved early in the planning. To that end, three fundamental alternatives were displayed for each section of the expansion using 3D visualization with the assistance of A+S. Moreover, our own software, KorFin, was used to examine areas with asymmetrical widening direction. Additionally, KorFin assisted engineers in determining the volumes and costs, as well as the planning of technical-chronological processes. Thus, the fundamentals for a future BIM model and direct 3D planning were created.

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