BIM Construction subsoil model of the Dresden – Prague railroad line

In the future, the Berlin – Dresden – Prague railroad line should see a significant reduction in travel time between Dresden and Prague.

As an extension and acceleration of the existing rail link between Dresden and Prague through the Elbe Valley is not possible for environmental and topographical reasons, a new double-track line is to be built between Heidenau and Ustí nad Labem. This line is to have a length of approx. 44 km for a speed of up to 200km/h and the centerpiece of this line is the construction of a new border tunnel in the Ore Mountains.

In cooperation with A+S Consult GmbH, GEPRO Ingeineurgesellschaft mbH has transferred the subsoil conditions into a BIM model of the subsoil.

For a better spatial classification, the geodata of Saxony, the alignment inventory from the track network data, and the current planning status of the new alignment were automatically integrated into the model.

The subsoil model forms a fundamental part of the overall BIM model created for further planning. As part of the project, spatial ground modelling was caried out in the KorFin® software. The subsoil model is linked to the digital terrain model supplied by the surveyor. Furthermore, to verify existing conventional workflows, various lan derivations were carried out in longitudinal and cross-section directly from the parameterized subsoil model. With regard to the further use withing the project communication platform, a specialized object formation and attribution according to the specifications of the semantic object model of DB Netz AG was created in close coordination with the client.


(Image rights: MDR/Florian Glatter)

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