City-Tunnel Leipzig opens on 15.12.2013 - all signals accepted!

Working for DB ProjektBau, A+S has contributed to the planning and successful realization of the City-Tunnel in Leipzig since 2005.

Beginning on 15.12.2013, the City-Tunnel Leipzig will connect the mid-German economic region around Halle and Leipzig faster and with more efficiency with its surroundings. The direct rail connection between the southern areas of the city and the main train station will make the City-Tunnel Leipzig the heart of the mid-German light rail network.

In this project, A+S was responsible for the coordination of the geometrical interface construction and equipment, the signal simulation and visualisation. Thanks to our demonstration and simulation of signal visibility distances, all signals in the Tunnel and connecting ramps could successfully be accepted and put into operation.

Many visitors of the main train station and the Infobox could learn about and experience the City-Tunnel in Leipzig through our 3D Simulation.

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