Construction 4.0 - Digitalization of planning, construction and operation

(Image source: BM Dobrindt PK zum Zukunftsforum Digitales Bauen und Planen from BMVI under CC BY-ND)

On the 15th of December, 2015, the congress "Construction 4.0 - Digitalization of planning, construction and operation" took place in the federal ministry for traffic and digital infrastructure (BMVI) Berlin. The main topic of the event was the usage of Building Information Modeling (BIM) during the planning and implementation of large infrastructure projects.

A stronger digitalization of the construction process is one of the reform commission's essential recommendations for action regarding the construction of large projects. The application of the BIM method is thus an important cornerstone to achieve the main goals of the reform commission -- true-cost pricing and adherence to schedules.

In the framework of the convention, federal minister Alexander Dobrindt presented the step-by-step plan for the introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The introduction should be implemented in three steps. These are a preparatory phase, with the preparation of guidelines, checklists and standards, a pilot phase, in which further rail, roadway and -- for the first time -- also a waterway project will build on the experience gathered in the four pilot projects currently running, and the last phase which provides for the application of BIM to all BMVI projects to be planned.

The decisive advantage of BIM utilization were expressed by, among others, the leader of the management of large projects for the DB Netz AG (German Railway), Mr. Heinz Ehrbar, in his presentation on the "BIM-ramp up" at the German Railway. Dr. Veit Appelt, managing director of A+S, contributed to the preparation of the presentation.

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