Drainage concept for the BAB A14 Dresden - Leipzig

A+S has been working on large drainage structures for roads, railways, and airports for two decades now. In the portfolio are: earth basins, seepage systems or (underground) concrete basins, and other special structures.

After the successful completion of the drainage concept for the existing drainage system for approximately 25 km of BAB A 72 from the border between Bavaria and Saxony and Chemnitz in the section border to the Plauen Ost junction with approximately 25 rainwater retention basins, A+S Consult GmbH was also awarded the contract for the existing drainage concept for the BAB A 14 from the highway junction Nossen to the Grimma junction. The contract from the Saxon State Office for Road Construction includes approximately 53 km of highway with seven junctions with the following services: basic assessment, inventory, deficit analysis, and drainage conception.

At the time, A+S is also planning rainwater retention basins on the A4, from Dresden to Chemnitz, up through execution.

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