Even more customer-oriented - KorFin Version 4 available in December 2013

In December of 2013, A+S will start the distribution of the newest version of our KorFin software: version 4.

KorFin is 3D design software for a new approach to spatial, real-time design in the field of infrastructure. Especially streets, railways and powerlines are planned directly in a 3D model with a holistic approach. The real-time interaction with KorFin enables you to optimize your design according to several criteria at the same time.

The software has profited by its use in the German Federal Infrastructure planning, as appropriate, advanced functions and improvements have been integrated. For example, improvements were made to how GIS based environmental data (SHAPE) was used, as well as to the software interface and usability. A schematic presentation was developed and the plan export possibilities were optimized. Transformation possibilities for the chainage and axis importation were expanded and improved.

The most important improvement in KorFin version 4 is the expanded and improved axis and gradient design with classical elements and the new license and dongle protection. With the new axis and gradient design, the engineer now has the possibility to plan roads and railways with traditional elements in parallel to spline design.

Learn more about product improvements, the new functions and improvements that are available with the release of KorFin 4 on our website ]www.korfin.de.

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