Georgia Vision Workshops

Within the framework of the project creating a regional traffic master plan in order to optimize and reorganize the regional local traffic and for the creation of sustainable traffic development plans (SUMP) for the five municipalities (Khulo, Shuakhevi, Keda, Khelvachauri, and Kobuleti) "Vision Workshops" were carried out. Since June of 2018, A+S has worked on the project and presented the results of the first stage of the project in six workshops to participants from politics, administration and the citizenry. Suggestions and comments on the continued development of the regional and municipal traffic areas were collected during the discussions. At the conclusion of the final workshop in Batumi, the concept of a regional traffic union was discussed at the highest regional level, which met with positive responses from the participants present as well as from the press. The utilization of Big Data technology from mobile phone data in the analysis of the mobility of the traffic participants was met with a high level of enthusiasm.

In 2016 and 17, A+S has already drafted a traffic development plan for the capital of the autonomous Republic of Adjara, Batumi, developing a traffic model in the process. The process also resulted in feasibility studies for bicycle traffic and public transport acceleration, a plan for the introduction of E-Taxis and a parking concept. The creation of the SUMP for Batumi was a milestone for Georgia.

A+S will complete the regional traffic development plan and SUMP for the five municipalities by the end of 2018, as well as presenting an institutional model for the introduction of a transport association.

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