Hydraulic flood retention basin Glashütte inaugurated

On the 11th of November, 2013 -- about three and a half years after the official start of construction -- the new flood retention basin in Glashütte was brought online.

This means that an additional million cubic meters of flood retention capacity are now available.

Managed water



Flood protection

Total drainage basin

11,6 km²

Type of basin

Grassy, without normal operating level

Total volume

1.2 Mil. m³

Of that, normal floodwater retention

1,05 Mil. m³

Damm type

Rockfill dam with mineral and geotextile interior sealant

Crown length

184 m

Crown width

5 m

Height above water

28,28 m

Width at damm's foot

125 m

Structure volume

225.000 m³

Flood water release

Morning glory spillway, Capacity: 54 m³/s

Release type

Tunnel, Diameter: 5 m

Information: Dam Authority of Saxony

In 2009 A+S supported the project with 3D visualisations of the planned construction.

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