KorFin in use intercontinentally

Two possible variants for a route for the transmission of managed solar energy were examined under the leadership of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), together with a group of experts. For this examination, they used the A+S software KorFin.

Both routes touch the territories or the exclusive economic zone of Morocco, Spain, France and Germany. The goal of the study is the transmission of highly manageable solar energy from solar thermal steam power plants in Morocco to Germany. There, the electricity will be fed into the alternating current grid at a suitable nodal point in order to complement the local electrical supply from local, renewable sources.
A+S’s software KorFin manages the extremely large 3D model of different Geodata as well as different techniques for laying the powerline, as overhead line, underground or undersea cable.

The KorFin viewer supports the public discussion of the project (in the Internet).

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