Multimodal transport model of the city of Tabuk

A+S was commissioned to develop the strategic multimodal transport model for Tabuk, the city of 500.000 inhabitants in Saudi Arabia.

The project is part of extensive reforms within the framework of the strategic government program "Vision 2030." The project will bring profound reforms to society in various sectors such as education, energy, health, transport, infrastructure and trade. Today, it already shows in its first steps how ambitious it is and what far-reaching social consequences can be expected. One of the main developments in the transport sector is the introduction of local public transport in cities.

The transport model developed by A+S with a forecasting capability until 2030 meets the strategic plan and offers the possibility to test the introduction of various transport infrastructure measures. The model was optimized for public transport requirements and thus serves as the basic instrument for the evaluation of the introduction measures for public transportation in Tabuk.

At the same time as the official handover of the traffic model, the A+S trainer team carried out a 3-day user training for the employees of the traffic authorities. For A+S, this project is a further important step towards further establishing itself successfully on an international level in the transport planning sector.

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