National model of Ukraine

In a consortium with the French company egis, A+S has been commissioned to support the Ukrainian authorities in drawing up the national transport model and the transport master plan.

The project is managed and financed by the European Union, represented by the European Commission and EuorpeAide, under the External Assistance Program. EuropeAid or the European Cooperation Office is a Directorate-General of the European Commission and ensures the provision of EU development aid worldwide.

Within the framework of the project, an overall development plan for the transport sector in Ukraine will be drawn up. On the basis of preparatory work already carried out at the national level with the support of, among others, the EU and the World Bank, as well as a detailed analysis of the current situation and socio-economic development scenarios, national and European priorities are integrated into a national, multimodal transport model as an operational instrument. This will be prepared for the continuous development of solutions and investment planning in the transport sector. The national traffic master plan will be developed using this traffic model as a basis for planning and prioritizing all future traffic infrastructure activities for road, rail, air and shipping.

For many years, A+S has been active worldwide in the field of traffic planning for many years as a PTV partner for software, training, support and localization and has successfully completed a large number of projects in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, among others. Our portfolio includes various national models, including the first complete demand model and multimodal national model of Belarus and the national transport model of Georgia. A+S benefits from its participation in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan and the BMVI's work on the standardization of environmental methodology and quantity and cost approaches, as well as the use of KorFin. The transport model of the city of Kiev, which has been developed since 2014, is a model for several other Ukrainian cities.

We are looking forward to a new challenge and the opportunity to contribute to the know-how transfer of international technologies to Ukraine.

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