Noise auralization for line infrastructure

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) in Berlin, A+S is researching how the fields of IIM, auralization and vsiualization can be combined in infrastructure planning.

The HHI has set itself concrete goals in the field of sound aurlization for line infrastructure:

The goal is to create a realistic reproduction of rail traffic noise and to evaluation the effect of noise protection measures such as noise barriers or rail web dampers and shielding. A further goal is a realistic visual reproduction of the actual state and planning data. The interaction of visual and auditory stimuli leads to the highes possible degree of realism and credibility.

Among other things, this development can be used as a new type of communication tool. In the railway sector, for example, large-scale, flexible visualizations and auralization can be presented for new and expansion construction projects and the audiovisual effects of noise protection can be conveyed.

A+S already holds data on infrastructure and topography in its BIM platform KorFin® in the overal IIM model. In addition, a visual evaluation of noise emissions is possible. In the future, many applications are conceivable with sound auralization for line infrastructure. In addition to the communication solutions already mentioned, comprehensive planning and developent tools for rapid variant testing or pschoacustic evaluations of innovative noise protection measures can be created.

Thomas Koch, project manager at HHI, gave an informative presentation on “Sound auralization for line infrastructure” at the KorFin® user seminar in March 2020.

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