Partner of the PTV Group since 2002

Since 2002, A+S and PTV Group have worked together closely in the fields of sales and know-how transfer. A+S has been the official partner for sales, localization and marketing in the post soviet countries from the very beginning -- as well as the author of the Russian language version of the PTV Traffic Suite. A+S Consult serves customers in Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other countries both directly and with local companies and partners.

In spite the takeover by Porsche Automobil Holding SE, A+S remains the official distributor of the PTV Group. In September 2018, during the official meeting in the PTV Group headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, the managing directors Dr Veit Appelt (A+S Consult) and Vincent Kobesen (PTV AG) signed current contracts for localization and distribution rights. Together, the two companies want to attract and win customers, especially in the Russian market which is recovering after the economic crisis of recent years.

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