TUMI Summer School 2019

From 2-6 September 2019 A+S Consult is joining the 4th TUMI Summer School (Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative) in Leipzig, Germany. TUMI enables leaders in developing countries and emerging economies to create sustainable urban mobility. This year 50 qualified specialists from 29 countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Chili, Colombia, South Africa, Morocco, Montenegro etc.) take part in the event.

During lectures with key speakers, introductions to methods and best practice examples, evening public lections, the participants will design results to tackle today‘s urban transport challenges - for a better mobility future for all.

All participants can choose one of 4 main working groups:

  • Communication,
  • Public Transportation Planning,
  • Road Safety,
  • Traffic Simulation (Macrosimulation)

New Mobility experts from PTV Group Karsten MacFarland and Jens Landmann introduce the impacts of changing modal split on usage of traffic spaces by saying: “Traffic is the heartbeat of a city, or the infarct”. During the Live Webinar with Cycling Professors Marco te Brömmelstroet (University of Amsterdam) the participants can discuss how to change transport with positive speech. "What if our language not only mirrors, but profoundly shapes which innovations we unleash on society?" asks Marco te Brömmelstroet. Here you can learn more about the TUMI Summer School and its speakers.

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