UITP Summit 2019

The UITP Global Public Transport Summit was held in Stockholm from the 9th to the 12th of June. With almost 130 years of history and over 15,000 participants, it is still the world's largest event for sustainable mobility. While the Summit covers all urban and regional transport modes worldwide, it also offers a varied program of solutions and products. Transport ministers, mayors, operators, government agencies, industry representatives, public transport companies, ITS experts and software developers from 350 countries around the world presented their visions and innovations. representatives of several international A+S subsidiaries travelled to Stockholm to learn about the latest technologies in the field of transport. As a long-standing partner of PTV Group, we visited our customers from Dubai, Riyadh and Moscow and their very informative stands to discuss further cooperation strategies.

The central theme of this year's Global Public Transport Summit was "The Art of Public Transport." Art can take many forms: in colors, in sounds or in movements. Bit ideally planned infrastructure or perfectly organized transport are also high art.

Learn more about UITP Global Public Transport Summit - Stockholm 2019 here.


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