Wallau Link

The Wallau Link has to be seen in the context of a larger project: The Hessen Express. Wiesbaden, the capital of Hessen and one of Europe's oldest spa towns, should be better connected to both the Frankfurt airport and Darmstadt. Until now, there was not a fast connection between them, but the Wallau Link will make it possible. The route is construed for passenger traffic. The majority of the routes that are planned at the moment are for regional traffic.

A+S used the newest technologies to plan the rail route: our own BIM platform, KorFin. A KorFin project for the fine route planning of four km of the route and a triangular junction in the region of the Wiesbaden highway junction was created from the data that DB and E&C collected for the preliminary investigation. Among other things, the project involves the placement of two tunnels and eight bridges, the calculation of volumes and costs, and the consideration of factors related to the construction and operation of the route. In addition, the noise protection of the route was examined, with the establishment of active noise protection measures. The processing was performed in a very short time. A promotional video was created for the German Railway's (DB) public relations, together with Vectorvision.

Closing the gap will reduce the travel time between Wiesbaden and the Frankfurt airport by half, from thirty to approximately fifteen minutes. In addition to the reduction in travel times and improved connection in passenger transport, the environmental aspect also plays an important role. Compliance with legal environmental requirements and the conservation of nature were ensured from the beginning.

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